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On Sunday Feb 21st Michele Higgins and Bill Walton represented PLBC with distinction in the regional championship. I was fortunate to witness most of both games played on grass at Cement and Drysdale in perfect conditions. As you would expect all games on the day are of a high very standard and our representatives were equal to the task.

Michele played in the morning against Sue Smith from Clifton Springs and what a game. 40 Ends and never was one player more than two up. A fantastic display of draw bowling and after 39 ends Michele leads 24 to 23. Talk about down to the wire. The supporters, 3 from CS and 2 from PL were going wild. With the last bowl Sue drew a second shot to win the game. Well done to both players.  PS. Sue went on to play 36 ends in the afternoon and went down by 2 shots. 304 bowls for the day!!

When I got to Drysdale Bill had established a good lead and was up 13 to 8 and kept his nose in front until being headed at about 25 ends. Justin ? from Portarlington was thinking he had the edge on the old fellow as did his supporters,  but as we know Bill would not “lie down” and grabbed the lead again. Once again the huge vocal crowd were urging the bowlers to dig deep but ultimately youth triumphed over experience and Justin prevailed 25 to 22.

Well done Bill and Michele, the PLBC members should be very proud.

Your Corresondent