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December 2021

Some mixed results in pennant so far and a bit of difficulty filling teams on occasion. Thanks to all those who have filled in, sometimes at short notice.

All bowlers be prepared to come a little early to help Pennant set-up and stay a little longer after to pack up. At most times the bar will not open until this is done.

Selectors are working on a roster also to set out, assist with and clean up the tea/coffee requirements. Stay Tuned!

There have been a few functions at the club in recent weeks which has done wonders for the balance sheet with many more leading up to Xmas and beyond.

The Bar staff are doing a fantastic job but I am sure offers of assistance would be welcomed. Don’t be scared of the “till”, even I can use it, but sometimes helping with the clean-up during and after a function is just as important.

Barefoot Bowls. We need volunteers for 2 events prior to Xmas on top of our regular sessions starting on New Year’s Eve, then 4 Sundays in January and Australia Day. This is a major fundraiser for the club and we ask all members to lend a hand. There is a sheet on the noticeboard to register availability. Some functions also have a Bowls component and help to set up and pack up would be appreciated.

Club events are underway.  Ladies singles championship final this Friday at 10am, Men’s pairs final next Wednesday at 1pm and other matches progressing. Good bowling to all taking part.

The last 4 Wednesday mornings we have been running “Rookie Rollers” at the primary school involving almost 90 children from Grades 2 through 6 and the culmination of this program will be next Wednesday morning Dec 8th at the Bowls club. Everyone is welcome to come and encourage our future bowlers from about 9.30.

Christmas Dinner.    Friday Dec 3rd is the absolute last day to book and pay for our Dinner on Dec 8th. Don’t delay, our caterers need to know the numbers. 

This Friday and Saturday, Dec 3 & 4 are the first of the Lonnie Traders late night trading, there may be road closures at times. At these times access to the club will be from the lighthouse end of town. This will also apply on Dec 17 and 18.

Lastly it is disappointing to note that at the conclusion of some recent pennant matches some players have packed up and left the green before their teammates had concluded the match and in one case actually left the venue. I find this to be disrespectful and unsportsmanlike. We play as a team.  Every player deserves our respect. We can do BETTER.

Good Bowling,              Rob.