Junior Development Program

Rookie Roller Program 2021

This year, we rolled out the Rookie Roller Program to the Point Lonsdale Primary School involving 100 pupils from Grade 2 to 6.

The five week program involved various bowls activities that primarily focused on fun, team involvement and skill development. The final day (pictured below) had two groups playing on the greens for the first time. The pupils understood the skills involved with shot selection (bowling on the correct bias), weight of the shot (knowing how hard or soft to bowl) and bowl alignment (bowing to a selected marker on the green or bank).

A number of our Rookie Bowlers showed enormous natural as well as developed talent over the journey and will become very good junior bowlers.

Our Aim

The Development Program has been designed to encourage and promote the sport with the emphasis on junior involvement. The aim of the program is to provide the opportunity for junior players (both boys and girls) to harness the skills of lawn bowling and inspire them to actively participate within the various teams at the Point Lonsdale Bowls Club which plays within the Geelong Bowls Region club competition. Furthermore, junior involvement at local level may then lead to lawn bowls representation at regional and/or state level which may ultimately lead to achieving national recognition.

As part of the Junior Development Program, the Club is encouraging all local junior players to be coached both individually and within small groups. Involvement and participation within all community schools is a major focus of the program which is supported by Bowls Australia. Our coaches all have ‘Working With Children Checks’ as a minimum requirement.

Parents and/or guardians are encouraged to contact the Club and discuss the program with the Junior Development Coordinator, using the contact form within this website.

Featured here are two keen lawn bowls players.

Charlie (13) and Joel (11)